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"Che ce sta mej e na pizz?"

What a Pizza…

VICO is not just a pizzeria, but an experience of taste and fun! After Enzo Coccia’s delicious pizzas, the venue offers great drinks and music in an elegant and engaging atmosphere, all to provide you with an unforgettable night.

Make me a pizza

The Restaurant

VICO rises in the beating heart of Rome, on the ground floor of Palazzo Rondanini, in a context where art and beauty are undisputed protagonists. History and modernity in a virtuous circle, in which food becomes the tool through which to sublimate emotions.

Vincenzo Coccia

Encapsulated in the word “VICO” are the initials of his name: Vincenzo Coccia is one of the greatest exponents of the pizza world. A pizzajuolo with a maniacal attention to dough procedures, a sommelier who was among the first to propose the pairing of pizza and wine.

Discover more

VICO offers not only the opportunity to enjoy dishes of the highest quality, but also to participate in highly specialized cooking classes. The pursuit of balance, passion and perfection are the ingredients that characterize our educational offerings.

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