About us

Our essence

VICO is the meeting of the contemporaneity of Enzo Coccia’s pizza and the elegance, inherent to the De Angelis family in its boutique hotels, through a universal language, that of taste and elegance. The history of Neapolitan pizza was born in the alleys from the genitalia of the Neapolitan people who invented street food to feed themselves and survive.

Our ingredients

It’s easy to say tomato and mozzarella! In Rome we brought only the best because we think our pizza should reflect the beauty and goodness of Campania Felix and Italy! Our research and selection never stop, the relationship we establish with producers goes on over time and from suppliers they often become friends with whom to compare and share the table.

Vincenzo Coccia

Enzo Coccia is one of the greatest exponents of the pizza world. A pizzajuolo with such maniacal attention to dough procedures that he has codified them, an artisan who scrupulously selects the raw materials to be used, uncompromising about quality, a sommelier who was among the first to propose the pairing of pizza and wine. Coccia, born with his hands in the dough but endowed with a great critical spirit – and a general, historical and scientific culture that is not limited to the pizza world – was one of the first to question and revise the role of the pizzaiolo, make new reflections and make major changes on doughs and raw materials. It was a happy intuition to turn the way of thinking about Neapolitan pizza upside down: the dough becomes the protagonist of the scene right from the selection of the raw materials that, combined with each other, create a soft and perfect mass capable of accommodating different high-quality ingredients. He thus revolutionizes the idea of pizza, transforming it from a popular product into authentic gastronomic excellence.

The path taken is the right one: Enzo offers new and alternative ingredients and replaces beer with wine thanks to the knowledge acquired during the sommelier course at the AIS in Naples, thus creating a synergy between wines and pizzas.

Enzo Coccia can still be considered the master of a new way, of a new way of interpreting tradition, of a pizza in step with the times, a source of inspiration for those who decided to go beyond popular knowledge and believed in a scientific and technical approach to pizza. . In his projects, Enzo involved his sons Andrea andMarco, who still support him today in the VICO project.